ship in a storm

Old slides - a ship in a storm at sea.

room film

My mum, at Matlock road. She sat looking out of the window writing something. 


Some time ago, we went to Gorleston, to a house near the sea, with a look-out tower. It looked out to the harbour, and behind, over rooftops. Some time later I went back. The sea seemed to turn into the sky with no clear horizon, and I filmed the lighthouse, and watched a freighter draw out to sea. The sun reflected of the radar rotating at the top of the ship, making the image to pulse and then steady itself.

The film is damaged now, after dragging along the floor and through a projector, in an installation. I regret that. This is pieced together from what is now left- being filmed playing back on a projector and a viewer.

instant film exsposures

Kodak instant film exposures

charley's farm

Charley's Farm.



super 8 film box

hulver farm

instant film

I found two packs of Kodak instant film, in a strange
little junk shop near our house. 50p each.