wild and wasted waters

Video for Kill it Kid's 'Wild and Wasted Waters', with drawings by Astrid Jaekel (www.astridjaekel.com).

golden eagle

Stills from a film installation, at Passinger Fabrik gallery, Munich

owl and peg

walking in the highlands with astrid

photos put together

aberlady, scotland

When Leigh came to Edinburgh (though the cliffs are in West Runton)

rainy swans

My favorite text message:

Hey, so I'm drunk and I'm looking at the swans in the rain. And if we go to scotland we should set aside time to work with pen and pencil so we should set a smaller target than we think we should set and then take it slow and cook slow and draw slow and barely talk but we should do it. I am looking at the swans in the rain. I am looking for them. And I think esme is a nice name. But my favorite name for a girl is moya. Yours truly - the rainy swans x

icecream tin banjo

Banjo / ukulele, commissioned by a friend. Made from a Danish ice-cream tin.


My maps got wet, went unnoticed for several weeks,
and turned moldy. I hung them out on the washing line
last year to dry in the Autumn sun.

w.g.sebald film

Grant Gee and my campervan, making Patience (After Sebald).

table chair

Table, made from an old fishing tackle box (I think),
and half a chair bought from a carboot sale last summer.