Found this written on the back of a postcard from a friend's collection.

walk around leith and granton

                       Along the docks and shores to the North of Edinburgh.


poem drawings

drawings for a film

Drawings made for a film, about 
old rooms, and the things within them. 

Such as this, a 16mm camera bag, and camera.

windmill / shelter / suitcase / mouse


slides and slide cases

 Metal slide cases 2009

table tennis table

Folding ping pong table. Folds up in quarters and locks together like a big suitcase.

 Made from old bits of plywood and scrap from the shed, glue, nails, screws and string.

tabacco tin ukulele


Miniature three-string ukulele made
from a Golden Virginia tobacco tin.


skateboard / chimneys / paints tin / legs

burnham ovary staithe