more old phone photos

Caterpilliar in the Outer Hebrides

Giant cars in Iceland

Ally and I wearing the same things by accident

 Things on the beach in West Runton

Blackhouse remains, West Scotland


           I love these strange islands washed ashore.  Seaweeds
            and lichens clinging to stones like trees to rocks.

                         Moss covering this driftwood like wet fur..


old swedish bikes

                                    In Oxevik, Sweden.

bike patch and cabin

Bike patch for Tristan, and Will's cabin.

driftwood pinhole camera

Made from a piece of driftwood found on the beach, West Harris, Outer Hebrides. Ring pull - one of many scraps of colourful cord in Portree Harbour, Ilse of Skye.                                 

sketchbook photos (portobello, winterton etc)

                       Photographs from my sketchbook. Portobello, Edinburgh.