shoe-rack and microphone

One minute shoe rack: bits of baton and a cork, no sawing.

Boom mic blimp in the making -  from two bird feeders and some tights and elastic bands



Trailer for a short film, which I'm yet to make..

bike backpack

flower drawing

photographs found in my cupboard

sun print pinhole photos

I made some boxes from black card to use as pinhole cameras. Using very out of date photo paper, I left them to expose for several days, and then fixed the resulting images (my studio window).

sea defence / trees / carl around 18

pedal powered car chase

Bicycle powered cinema project, collaborating with Lawrence Bradby.

I made a 15 minute film montage of car chases and bike chases from Hollywood blockbusters, and this was powered by willing volunteers and accompanied by live DIY percussion. This is a retrospective trailer of all the events, with bits of the film mixed in. for more information.

It toured around East Anglia - Norwich, Colchester, Peterbourgh, Great Yarmouth and Norwich again. Photos: Doug Atlfield, from Colchester Bus Depot.