We started renovating a burnt out flat in March 2018, just about finished now.  Before, during and after photos.

It's was a 'Room and Kitchen' tenement flat, which means a kitchen to the back and a living at the front; both rooms with sleeping recesses. We re-built the kitchen in the front room, to make more use of the spaces.

We re-plastered walls and a ceilings, mostly in the back room, which was worst affected. We used lime-hemp plaster, and traditional lime in the bathroom. 

Excavating the fireplace in the back room, 6 months in.

Curved skirting board, fun to do. And curved plastering! 

10 layers of wallpaper in places. We kept a section of the oldest, probably Victorian.

Great charity shop curtains

After stripping all the sooty wallpaper away, there was some nice pink and green lime wash, which we kept too, with a water based glaze over it.

We used clay paints for breathability, and basically zero toxicity. Also used 'eco board' to make the cupboards in the kitchen and hall: a glue-less alternative to plywood.